Roadtrip (by Lena K., Kathi H., Hannah F.)

After saying goodbye to our host families (saaad 🙁 )we took the night train to Kansas City. There we were supposed to pick up two suburbans (really big cars) but as it turned out, there were only two small cars for us! After squeezing everything in we could finally start and luckily we could change after 100 miles for bigger cars.

The afternoon we spent in St Charles, a beautiful town, famous for being the starting point of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. We even could have a look at a replica of one of the expedition’s boats.

First stop in St Louis the next day was the Old Court House with its really interesting history about slavery and its abolition. It was here where the slave Dred Scott started his lawsuit fighting for his freedom, which ended at the Supreme Court.

On the afternoon we visited one of the biggest settlements of the Cahokians, Native Americans, before ending the evening with a beautiful picnic at the Mississippi River. It was a wonderful day in St Louis!







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Host Families

Thank you Bucklineers for being our families – see you in Marquartstein 

Anahita with Lexi, Toni and McKenzie

Stefan & Simon with Zabien, Tiffany, Bud, Lyric and Xander

Sophie & Lucy with Tricia, Jane and Stephan

Patrick & Alex with Garet, Lisa, Chase, Rush and Dason

Kathi with Arionne, Deacon, Rachel and Travis

Hannah & Lena with Skyler, Gail and Dave

Nicole & Ralf with Becky and Brad


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Dodge City (by Hannah F. / Kathi H. / Lena K.)

One of the highlights of our time in Kansas was our afternoon in Dodge City. First of all we went with Becky and Gail to a photographer where we made a Western shooting. We had a lot of fun and in the end we had some great pictures. After that we visited the Boothill museum which showed us the lifestyle in the old Wild West. Later we got a privat tour through the jailhouse of Ford County because the brother of Gail, whose name is Bill, is the sheriff. It was very interesting. Because it was 9/11 we visited a memorial in a park. Everyone of us got to hold a flag and it was a great experience. In the end of the day we got some tacos at the taco truck and for dessert we had some ice cream. It was a great day with a lot of good memories!


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Homecoming Dance – A Night to Remember – written by Patrick S.

The Homecoming Dance is one of the most important events for every American student. It is a normal ball dance in the gym where people dance and have fun. That’s why it’s our mission to be part of the Homecoming Dance this year. The gym was decorated with strings of light and other decorations like balloons which created an amazing atmosphere. Furthermore we had a delicious meal and a lot of candy. A lot of photos were taken. All of the American students showed us the typical line dance. That was fun!

Written by Patrick S.


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